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...processor) failure. Try reseating the processor. 6 beeps - This indicates a keyboard controller failure. Try reseating the keyboard connector. 7 beeps - Another indication of a processor problem. Reseat...

I tried the uninstall the Beep thing and it still beeps. But, I found this on another part of the forum: http...There is a place somewhere in there where you can disable keyboard beeps. I am going to try it. Message Edited by paperglyphs...

Can anyone lead me to a solution. The keyboard feedback beeps on DELL latitude D420 are driving us up a wall. We cannot...disabled "Sound on" etc. Still these so called "feedback" beeps, keep beeping. I need to turn it off, OR at least turn...
5/4/2007  |  (Forums)

...below),1 nVidia Card,1 DVD Drive. Externally: 1 TactX Keyboard,1 TactX mouse,Monitor and nothing more. I changed TactX Keyboard with a standard alienware keyboard,the one i purchased with the original order,but don't works...

Huston i have a problem. I bought a used MoBo, then i swapped, but i get the same problem: 5 beeps, then "Keyboard not found", "CMOS checksum bad","CMOS Date/Time non set". I can't really figure it out what's...

Hi folks, here's my issue now. During POST hear three beeps, then it writes "No Keyboard detected". I see both keyboard and mouse have light off, on the desktop, the lights are on. I tried another keyboard, in multiple USB, but it doesn't work. Thx all.
2/18/2013  |  (Forums)

Strip it down more. Take pics and label cables if unsure about later re-connect. No keyboard and mouse. If keyboard is required (later), use original plain USB-KB. Remove molex power to MIO-Board. Remove MIO-Board...

Hi bobbloke_1, actually I can't reach BIOS setting screen, cause it don't detect the keyboard so, no i haven't tried to set date/time.

Just a dumb question: in order to reset CMOS, may i unplug power cable, press power button for a long while, then switch pin from 2-3 to 1-2 for five seconds, it is right? Ok, read the manual, it's right.

Or maybe, just go ahead and swap the board. Kinda gotta go with your gut feeling here. I haven't spend time with the machine, so I can't really say. You won't really know what was exactly wrong until you see something working.

Legolas_ there could be an error on manual? Possibly.

Sounds like motherboard might be going out, so CMOS reset has to work instead.

Hi, what's the supported RAM frequency of the Main Board? Should be "Supported RAM Speeds 1333 MHz • 1600 MHz" or Memory Type Supported: 1066 MHz and 1333 Mhz DDR3 non-ECC Memory only? Thx all

Hi have you tried to the date and time in bios? Because that is what it is telling you to do.

Hi, yes it is an Alienware Aurora ALX R1,with this MoBo you mentioned, (7591 ver.1) and actually it starts with alienhead logo,it shows press F2 or F12 but i can't select none,and at last appear this screen. :) Hope it helps.

Is this a Dell-Alienware Aurora R1 (x58 chipset) machine (circa 2009-2010)? Does it look similar to the currently sold Aurora R4? Does it have a MS-7591 motherboard? How did you get it to show that long initialization text and not just the large AlienHead ... during Post?

Ya, well ... it's just a fraction of what is required to swap the board. All this has to be done anyway. Unless you were going to hire someone to swap-boards (in which case, you might want to hire someone to make sure you really need a new board in the first place).

Wow,this one sounds like a big game changer to me,never tried something like this before. Ok,let me work with it,just give me 3/4 days,i'm sure i cannot make it till... Monday i think. Thx for now,and check for updates ;)

Yah, i see. So we should consider the less traumatic option. This one sounds like there's something that drain down current from MoBo, or something like a close circuit. Am I right? By the way, this is the picture of my monitor.

By the way.. it doesn't work. Should i consider to replace my MoBo?

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Showing 81-100 of 2604 Results
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