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Hi have you tried to the date and time in bios? Because that is what it is telling you to do.

Yah, i see. So we should consider the less traumatic option. This one sounds like there's something that drain down current from MoBo, or something like a close circuit. Am I right? By the way, this is the picture of my monitor.

Hi, yes it is an Alienware Aurora ALX R1,with this MoBo you mentioned, (7591 ver.1) and actually it starts with alienhead logo,it shows press F2 or F12 but i can't select none,and at last appear this screen. :) Hope it helps.

Is this a Dell-Alienware Aurora R1 (x58 chipset) machine (circa 2009-2010)? Does it look similar to the currently sold Aurora R4? Does it have a MS-7591 motherboard? How did you get it to show that long initialization text and not just the large AlienHead ... during Post?

Ya, well ... it's just a fraction of what is required to swap the board. All this has to be done anyway. Unless you were going to hire someone to swap-boards (in which case, you might want to hire someone to make sure you really need a new board in the first place).

Wow,this one sounds like a big game changer to me,never tried something like this before. Ok,let me work with it,just give me 3/4 days,i'm sure i cannot make it till... Monday i think. Thx for now,and check for updates ;)

By the way.. it doesn't work. Should i consider to replace my MoBo?

If you have to buy another mobo, dont stress, they are VERY cheap. The aurora X58 mobo's sell on ebay sometimes for under $100, if your in the USA then even better, plenty of reseller there.

P.S.: connected 6GB RAM internally. Nothing more. :)

Beep code: Three = Possible motherboard failure — Chipset error So, what is actually connected to motherboard right now (internally and externally)? Hope you are un-plugging AC and pressing power button a few times before doing anything inside.

Remove anything non-essential (USB, extra cards & drives, etc.) - Maybe even install a lower-power but known-good video card. Remove and re-attach all connectors, DIMMs, etc. No CPU, MB, or GPU OverClocks should be activated. All stock speeds.

Hi Tesla, there could be an error on manual? I read: 2. Reset the current password and CMOS settings: 3.Locate the 3-pin CMOS or password-reset jumper on the system board a. (see “System Board Components†on page 14). Remove the jumper plug from the CMOS or password-reset jumper b. pins 2 and 3.

See page 114 in PDF Aurora R1 Service Manual.

I switched to a new battery, things are the same. However I'm not pretty sure how to clear CMOS. What do you mean exactly with "leave jumper on"? Thx for your support again.

Ok, thx for your advice, i'll do it as soon as possible, at best later this evening. Check for an update. ;)

From bad to worst. I tried clearing CMOS, now a new error message adds up to the rest:"CMOS Checksum bad". I can't figure it out how to solve this mess of problems. Support needed down here :(

Could be the CPU?

That should read have you tried to set the date and time in bios?

Hi Tesla, i did everything as you told me. Bad news, i think my MoBo is faulty. :( Better start find some spare parts seller. Sob.. :( Any advice about my type of MoBo? Thx for your help.

Ok, i'll try this way. Thx for your help, check for an update! ;)

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Showing 81-100 of 2641 Results
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