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Hi there, I have a Latitude E6410, running Windows 7 32 bit. My Integrated camera doesn't work as it doesn't have the drivers installed. I have searched...
11/20/2012  |  (Forums)

I have an E6410 without the HD integrated web camera. Does anyone know the Dell part number so I can order...it myself). If anyone has a full parts list for the Latitude E6410 that would be great as well since I am also looking for...
12/31/2010  |  (Forums)

Try this to get it to stay..AFTER u select the check box under control panel, Sounds/Devices or whatever the menu topic was, then go back to your desktop. Right click on the task bar at the bottom. At bottom of that menu click Properties.

I have a new E6410 laptop from my employer, I can see the integrated webcam above the screen. The company...imaged the laptop as XP Pro. The webcam was not working so I tried installing the xp software for the webcam of dell's site. It keeps...
2/11/2011  |  (Forums)

Thank you but this did not solve my problem. I now have Dell Webcam Central, but it states I need to plug in a device. So from the looks of so many others who have this issue, I will have to spend more money and purchase a webcam.

... Light weight - but can't afford the more expensive 6410 Excellent battery life - I always have trouble with Dell...heavier but by how much. 3 yr on site business warranty , webcam windows 7 64bit wireless - I have intel Proset now - so...

I recently purchased a Latitude E6410 refurbished. It is running Windows 7 64-bit. I don not have the webcam noticeable in my devices. Where can I find the drivers and software. I have searched all over and every download has done nothing. Please Help!
1/18/2014  |  (Forums)

Hi, I have this laptop (latitude e6410) laptop for about a year and now the lens of my webcam fell off. I am wondering if there's anyway I could fix this myself? I can see the camera lens that cover the camera is hanging. What I want...
1/12/2014  |  (Forums)

...screen, core i5 or i7, webcam, backlit keyboard and at least...people to buy the more expensive Latitude range. Another sales guy says...Can it? I looked at the Latitude range but the spec of the 13...with the Vostro. Whilst the E6410 14" model is a little too...which will be cheaper than the E6410, smaller, lighter, and offer...
5/10/2010  |  (Forums)

I checked for drivers in the dell website but whenever I try to install the camera and bluetooth, it says that the device is not found.
11/27/2013  |  (Forums)

Is there a Webcam Central Download for the Ubuntu Linux and where could I find such a magnificent piece of software? My bulit-in Dell webcam on my Latitude E6410 works fine with skype and other related programs but I cannot...

Hi, I have Latitude E6410 with Creative Labs Integrated webcam. I have WindowsXP installed...online in download is Driver for webcam. But where do I get panel/configuration settings for my webcam? Although I am sitting in...
11/13/2010  |  (Forums)

...the problem? 2. One of my client is now using Dell Latitude 6410 with Win XP Sp3. Every time she wants to join a conversation...system32\drivers and do some research it's integrated webcam driver. I download again this driver from Dell website...

...room for movement of the cable, thats why it gets loose and thats why some people are having a problem and some are not. If you can check the physical connection to the web camera. My E6410 web cam now works perfectly.

...INPUT R213648 Integrated Webcam n/a where Model like 'Latitude %' select * from Win32_ComputerSystem... Supported Systems: Latitude -------- 13 2110,2120...E6220,E6230 E6320,E6330 E6400,E6410,E6420,E6430,E6430s E6500...
10/4/2012  |  (Wikis)

...Version Released Supported OS Download Dell WebCam Software (MS inbox drivers), v.CtUvcPatch...VISTA 64-BIT Download Drivers for Laptops\Latitude\Latitude E6410 chipset should be installed before anything else...

...Install Drivers in the Correct Order Try reading... Troubleshooting the Dell Webcam and Dell Webcam Central Software Also try running the Webcam Diagnostics Did the webcam show in the symptom tree? Any error messages? Is...

...Once the BIOS is updated check if the webcam is listed in device manager In addition you can install the webcam central software using the link below...monitors/Dell_SX2210-Monitor_Webcam%20SW%20RC1.1_%20R230103.exe...

Webcam Driver File Format: Hard-Drive File Size: 148MB Dell_SX2210-Monitor_Webcam SW RC1.1_ R230103.exe

I was hoping someone could assist me in using the webcam on my latitude E6410. I downloaded the drivers from the DELL site and I am still unable to find and utilize this feature
5/8/2012  |  (Forums)

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