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Honestly, this is a pretty puzzling issue. Hope the error does not reappear.

...old, every time I boot my laptop after 30-60 seconds it suddenly shuts down with out any warning or error, then it shows this message #m1004 (system automatically powered off because it became warmer than expected). Then after rebooting it...
5/2/2006  |  (Forums)

You definitely have a faulty system board.

smith2513, Unfortunately, there is not a file download for the 2650. As odd as it seems, I’d try updating the BIOS, if that does not help, contact us.

just to get it on, once its on it runs fine as long as it doesnt get too hot. any ideas other than replace the whole motherboard?

another thing to mention is that the power supply has been messed up forever. sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesnt. and ive noticed the computer starts up more often when i dont have it plugged.

...surface of your CPU and then apply a thin coat of Arctic Silver thermal paste between it and the heatsink to improve the heat transfer. The one time I got that error, the fan had quit working, but you have already eliminated that as a cause

I get this M1004 error code after POST. After pressing F1 i can continue to windows... Tech support said i needed a new motherboard, but all i...
8/9/2006  |  (Forums)

Have the BIOS updated. If that doesn fix the problem, have the motherboard replaced

...I don't know if that's about right, altough it seems a little on the hot side to me. The problem is that I get this error after POST, not even after 3 secs after power on. How much heat can you generate in 3 secs? It seems like an automotive code...

I don't have a floppy drive. I did update the bios and that solved the problem. I couldn't go from A01 right to A10, had to update in stages, but it finally cleared the problem at A07. Thank you.....

Don't know if this will help, but check out this site. http://www.bay-wolf.com/downloads.htm then search the page for that error.

John and others, Follow Up: My 8200 has been running perfectly for the last week without error and has been on for periods of 8 hours or more continuously. Fans running as they should and it does not cut out. Please...

...accumulated dust, and replacing the thermal pad that sits between the heatsink and CPU. However, by the time you start seeing that error, it's likely the mainboard has been damaged to the point where replacing it is the only solution.

I upgraded from BIOS A06 to A11 and that fixed the problem. (Just had to dust off my floppy drive and rummage through my drawers trying to find a floppy.) I'm still sorta surprised how it happened all of a sudden out of the blue, and the BIOS upgrade fixed it... But I'm not complaining.

I also experienced this scenario and error and applied an BIOS upgrade from DELL download page which remedied the problem.

You should clean the Fins on the HeatSink while you have the keyboard off and blow out any dust collection. Sometimes the 4 screws which secure the CPU ring and Heatsink clip loosen and a good contact is not maintained between the Heatsink and the CPU.

I guess one problem right now is I don't know the reliability of the FanGUI software. It seems to be giving sensible data for my harddrive (I've gotten numbers between 27C and 37C). But even after being asleep all night, the processor still reads at consistent 85C.

Didn't see you had resolution when I suggested updating the BIOS - you found the temp bug in earlier versions.

The fan starts loudly, see dell on the screen, hard drive spins, dvd ORM spins, shuts down. That was last night .

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Showing 61-80 of 413 Results
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