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Recently I renewed a hard drive of my Dell Optiplex SX260. I tried to install my Reinstallation CD, Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3. After starting the installation, the computer showed the message ""The file nvrd32.sys could not be found" and did not continue the installation.
7/30/2011  |  (Forums)

Good day, I'm hoping you can help me reinstall the dell software on my Dell Inspiron Mini. I have followed the steps per the web and keep getting the error nvrd32.sys could not be found

I have a Dell Dimension XPS 625 and after years of work and lots of programmes and data it has become unwell and after lots of attempts to fix specifics I want to reinstall Windows XP SP3 on a 'repair' basis to avoid several days of reinstalling software, some upgraded many times.
3/6/2012  |  (Forums)

Showing 3 Results
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