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...Unbuffered, 168 Pins 3.3v CL 3 Low Density SDRAM recently for my OptiPlex GX240. Now, if I put both sticks in the computer tells me the...of the same make and model just to be sure it wasn't the motherboard, but it gives me the same problem. Both sticks of 512MB...
6/13/2011  |  (Forums)

motherboard failure most likely.

...be found (I tried 3 other XP disks but had no success). I called Dell again and they sent a technician to replaced the motherboard. This morning I am now getting to the Windows XP load screen but then I get a BSOD and the PC reboots. I've tried flashing...
6/24/2005  |  (Forums)

I would like to know if it is possible to replace or upgrade the Optiplex GX 240 motherboard? If so, where is it available? Thx!
10/14/2005  |  (Forums)

AnneInside Optiplex 'GX' 240? Small Form-Factor...still firmly attached to the motherboard. Dell has a forum expressly for Optiplex systems, to find this...then 'Worksations/Optiplex'. Bev. ...

...is J5BZW01 and my system is a optiplex GX240. Is there any way you could...Tag: J5BZW01 System Type: OptiPlex GX240 Ship Date: 9/26/2001...PRINTED WIRING ASSY, PLANAR (MOTHERBOARD), GX240, OPTIPLEX 1 3H250...

...Dimension 4200, Dimension 4300, Dimension 4400, Dimension 8200, OptiPlex GX150, Optiplex GX150 SMT, OptiPlex GX240, Optiplex GX240 SMT, OptiPlex GX50 processor speed 1.2 Ghz and above, Optiplex GX50 SMT

I have a GX240 optiplex that the motherboard stop working so I replace it with the same one but now the 2x512 memory is not detected by the MOBO, I tested with another computer...
5/31/2007  |  (Forums)

The riser on the GX150, GX240, and GX260 is exactly the same so any of those would be drop in...find the boards. http://www.pcretro.com You can get a GX240 tower for $199 Keep this in mind so that you dont OVER PAY for...

...components for reasonable prices. Â Here is a link for all the GX240 motherboards up for auction or for immediate purchase. Â http://computers.search.ebay.com/GX240_Motherboards-for-Desktop-PC_W0QQcatrefZC6QQcoactionZcompareQQcoentrypageZsearchQQcopagenumZ1QQfgtpZQQfposZQ5AIPQ2...

Bad Dimm slot = new motherboard required. The Good News is that...Ebay. AKA another Tower Case and Motherboard for $99 or so. Centrix International...Computers also has OEM replacements for GX240,260, Dimension 4300, etc The Dimension...

Thankyou, I might have a bit more luck finding a replacement then.В

...your pc. If you do not have one check with your computer or motherboard maker for a driver. Using Non Dell soundmax drivers usually...Dimension C ,4100 ,4200 , 900 ,4300, 8200, 4400, 4300S Optiplex GX300,GX200,GC,GX110,GX150,GX400,GX50,GX115, GX240 Precision 220,330,530,340 SmartStep 150D

I recently purchased an Optiplex GX240 and I've had nothing but issues with it...they say it sounds like a conflict with the motherboard - Anyone else having problems using XP and the GX240? Is there a BIOS update that fixes this problem...
3/7/2002  |  (Forums)

...both ends) the data cable running from the hard drive to the motherboard. Also, reseat the power connection to the hard drive. Close...disk version of the Dell Diagnostics and running them on the GX240 system. If the hard drive is still not recognized, given...

...that nothing with it happens. I may have to take my other floppy drive out of my spare GX240 to see if it's just the drive itself and not the motherboard that is having the problem. I'll try switching out the floppy drive and let you...

GX240 First check the data cable and power connector, by removing, then reconnecting to the FD and motherboard, no difference, replace the data cable. Still no difference, replace the floppy drive. Bev.

GX240 is SDRAM Motherboard. 4550 is something else. Stop 7b boot device not found. You cant swap mix and match. This is not supported. You could reinstall from scratch but thats not the same thing. Surprise

...Neither one worked on the Optiplex. I also tried a PS2...Neither one worked on the Optiplex. At this point Dell said it was the motherboard -- $159. Shoot, I didn't...physical problem with the motherboard. But as soon as Windows...

...anytime a Hard Disk Drive larger than 137 GB is connected to the motherboard's ATA bus, regardless of any system BIOS that supports 48-bit...like the 810e in the GX110 or the 815 in the GX150 or the 845 in the GX240 etc.

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