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Why the Dell keyboard sk-8135 does not work properly with the desktop Dell Optiplex 755? I've tried to use the available driver (R42232.exe) but it also doesn't work.

Extra keys usually require a driver. Those 8 hotkeys are only supported by the following operating...Windows XP Red Hat Linux Enterprise WS Edition If you have an SK - 8135 you could try installing the XP drivers in compatablility mode...

I recently got and installed a Dell keyboard (Model SK-8135). Windows (XP) did its "Installing new hardware" thing...I have also tried restarting my computer, and even using Driver Magician to search for new or updated drivers. Still nothnig...
10/28/2013  |  (Forums)

...day! Concerning the driver of SK-8135, you had better check...You don't have the driver I need Content...keyboard from Liteon that is SK-8135. It doesn't work...theirs to work. We need a driver. I have yet to find...

The SK-8135 keyboard is produced by Lite-on...knob on the kb. I'm using the sk-8135 right now and all of the buttons...Lite-on does not have a specific driver for this number but the SK-7100 works. The file name is sk-7100driver-v410-forXP...

...marius2k I need a vista( x64 if there is ) driver for dell usb multimedia keyboard sk-8135. Please help me. I have the one for xp and...help me Hello marius2k, I have the exact SK-8135 Dell keyboard and I am running Vista Ultimate...

Did you receive a response from Dell? Here is a link to driver info for the SK-8135, that I found on an eBay page selling used SK-8135s. http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support...

...page 5 relating to the liteon driver was successful here. It...direct link to lite for the driver. http://www.liteon...uploadDir/product/keyboard/driver/SK-7100Driver-v410-forXP...apprently have no effect on the sk-8135 keyboard... bad bad bad...

Those 8 hotkeys are only supported by the following operating systems - Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows XP Red Hat Linux Enterprise WS Edition That being said, I am using the SK-8135 keyboard on Windows 7 Ultimate and they all work.

I have a SK-8135 keyboard. When used with... Is there a utility/driver required for the other keys...can only find drivers for SK-8125, which doesn't work...to be told that there is no driver !! Has anyone managed...
4/9/2009  |  (Forums)

Hi, can you point me to were I can find the driver for the keyboard SK-8135 please.  I have windows XP installed on my laptop.  Thanks  Â
5/10/2012  |  (Forums)

... I just upgraded my system to W 7 Professional from Vista. the 8135 MM KB worked on Vista perfectly, but now on 7 the 8 hot keys work...have removed it and reinstalled under devices and also tried updating driver but to no avail.

Hey the Dell USB Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Model: SK-8135 works perfectly on vista (including) the multimedia capabilities. All I did was plug it into the USB port. I have it...

If it is a usb enhanced 8135 model, there are no drivers for it, plug and play. В В В В

Any chance that Dell has addressed the volume control issues with the SK-8135 keyboard? The inability to "volume down" is the biggest pain to me. Has anyone found a driver for this keyboard that works with Win2000?

...I've got a dell multimedia USB keyboard (SK-8135). Looking at http://support.dell...and so I have to look for an appropriate driver. I didn't get the information by dell...keys. Using the Win98SE built-in driver that is installed after connecting the...
9/27/2005  |  (Forums)

pahoo31, Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum. I know of no updated driver for this keyboard that allows this function.

Don't know if you found the driver but if not, you need R44908

I saw the download section before - and I looked through it before I posted. The issue is - I dont find a driver for this keyboard. Â Can you point me to the driver ? Â Thanks

Hello i was wondering if there there are drivers available for the Dell USB Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Model: SK-8135 to work. The keyboard runs fine, however, I'd like to have the multimedia buttons compatible to work with my Operating...
9/16/2009  |  (Forums)

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