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ok thanks but itryed all the drivers on dell web sit but it doesnt work can you give me the right driver please

I got my Vostro 1400 with windows Vista basic , but I decided to...almost complete tweaking it in XP , except the driver for sigmatel speaker to work , I also try to install the one with Vostro 1500 but it says that ..system cannot install...
10/20/2007  |  (Forums)

With Windows XP, it is absoltely necessary to install the Notebook System Software and the Chipset drivers before even attempting to install other device drivers. Did you install these essential drivers first?  Steve

So I don't need the system software as I installed the Sigmatel Vista driver R171786 on Vista compatibility mode right? Unfortunately it is still not working. The jack do produce output but the speaker...

You can try uninstalling all drivers, then try reinstalling only the Notebook System Software and Chipset drivers. Make sure they are present, then instal the other drivers. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.

thanks for the quick reply, i am not sure that i found the noteboos system software, but i have found on in the website and downloading it.

If you are getting sound through the headphone jack then your Sigmatel driver is working okay. You could have a hardware issue called sense pin failure. See the Headphone Jack FAQ for a description of the problem and how to diagnose and fix it.

...still not working. The other solutions suggest to install Dell System Software first, If you installed the Sigmatel Vista driver R171786 into 8 by using Vista compatibility mode then you don't need the System Software. It should be working. Have you...

...format my notebook is a Dell Vostro 1400 this have installed Windows...well today I download the driver of Dell Website and when I run...don´t know how to install this driver. My laptop have a bluetooth...know how I can install the driver please help me. Cheers...
6/22/2008  |  (Forums)

The Vista 64 driver is version 195.62: http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook_winvista_win7_x64_195.62_whql.html Dell...

hi arkinats. it would be great help if you could provide like to this driver for my machine ie vostro1400 with WinXP(Pack 2). Thanks

without loading windows driver, how could wi-fi card be working in power off status...seen users from other models complaining. also, in 1400 specification web page, it shows 1400 has consume IR but actually i can't find it in either...

...some help. I have a brand new Vostro 1400 and I didn't like Vista so I installed XP Pro and used the Nvidia driver for the Vostro 1500 XP nvidia card and it works...tried to download the current driver for this 8400GS 128MB card and...
9/26/2007  |  (Forums)

...sound etc. Configuration: Dell Vostro 1400 w Core2 Duo T7250 Intel, 2Gb RAM Intel...Install Dell-supplied Conexant modem driver First follow this thread on how to...wiki/index.php...t_Modem_Driver All I needed to do was to click on...

thanks , I solved the problem ! Â Thank you very much !

What does "it gives me less performace than the old way" mean? By what criterion?

...AkramMahmoud wrote: Hi all, I have a Vostro 1400 n series notebook , and after i installed...undefined devices and how can i install the driver for the Wireless Card and if some modifications...System Software and then after that chipset driver. Then everything else. Message Edited...

But how will I know the model number?

The WWAN card model will show up on your invoice - or go to the Dell support site where you bought the system and look up the list of parts by service tag number.

the sim card is ok it works in my mobile but when iput the sim card in my lab top it didnt work ido no know why can any one help my plesae

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Showing 101-120 of 395 Results
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