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can you send me plzzz Email removed by natakuc4 per privacy policy.

Okay I tried the registry file on a clean install on a Latitude D820 with R171786 and the Audio seems fine. No compatibility mode was required. I think I will add it to the unofficial drivers list for all systems with Sigmatel Audio.

I have a Vostro 1400 and I've recently been having problems with the touchpad. The mouse...a software or hardware problem. I've tried re-installing the driver, but it didn't work. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated...

I'm not sure how long it will stay up but in the meantime, hopefully it will fix it as I know how frustrating it is not to have your speakers work so wanted to pay forward the help I received. Good luck!

Did the Sigmatel R158235 from the Vostro 1500 work? I'd like to be sure before recommending it to someone else. Thank you. Jim

Hi, thanks for the tip !!, the key was remove the device with the warning . This works for me Vostro 1500 with XP, after one week of searching and fighting with the Dell Support. Thanks.

The SIM card by itself is useless -- you need a WWAN card and a subscription to a cell Internet service - the card is what you'll need the driver for. What WWAN card do you have?

Again, the SIM card alone will do nothing in the notebook. You MUST have purchased a WWAN card that's compatible with your service provider. The driver is for the WWAN card - without the WWAN, the SIM card is useless.

I'm actually using Windows Vista 60 bits, does Vista have any update for 8xxx Geforce?

im a newbie here, although i am a gamer but i would like to know some issues about the video card GeForce 8400. 1. where can i find the latest update for Nvdia GeForce 8400 2. what should i do and how should i do to take safety measure before installing the latest update THX for helping me. =>

hi . This link does not help. It leads to modem dignostic tool setup which is already installed on my machine. eventhough i have overwrite my software with this software, still there is yellow question mark before modem device on high defination bus audio. Plz help. Can it be for 6in1 card reader?

Do you have sound on your system?

...Linksys WRT350N, draft-N router 1 Vostro 1400, Vista and Intel 4965 AGN wireless card (latest driver I can find is from 2007-09-26...ran VPN towards my office). Â My Vostro on the other hand very often, sometimes...

...Hello- I currently have a Dell Vostro 1400 and am having some problems with...coverage date. Specs: Dell Vostro 1400 Windows Vista Ultimate 2ghz...card? Is it the screen? Is it a driver issue? I don't mind fixing the...
11/8/2008  |  (Forums)

...problem is only seen on the Vostro 1400 and not on the other models that use the same driver and install it in Vista...models in my unofficial driver list before installation of the Audio Driver just in case? http...audio effects in a non-Vostro 1400 system?

Thank you very much Rajesh for giving such great instructions and supplying the registry file! You have answered my last 4 hours of searching the net to find this fix where I graciously thank you so much for doing this!

Can we get the reg file posted again somewhere please? I'll mirror it. @kuntal, did you right-click the installer and set the compatibility mode as suggested up the thread?

But how will I know the model number?

Hi Michaelthe file has been deleted can you pls email me the Registry File my email address is Thank you very much~

Here is a re-upload link for everyone. www.mediafire.com Hope it serves you all well as it did for me. Other than this, I would not know what else to try. Good luck!

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Showing 101-120 of 395 Results
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