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I think it can handle any type of barcode label symbol. I know most printers are compatible to do barcode label printing. Hope this helps

Now I know im not the only one who has had problems making and printing barcode labels. I started trying to do them first about 6 months ago, but keep enoutering problems with different things (printer intensity...
11/21/2013  |  (Forums)

Does dell have a tool that allows for the infrared barcode scanning of the service tag on Dell computers. I work at a E-waste recycling center and want to find a way to quickly identify...
12/26/2013  |  (Forums)

Feel silly for asking this, but can someone please direct me to where I can find the proper barcodes to purchase for a Dell PV TL4000?
10/17/2013  |  (Forums)

Have purchased a Wasp 8900 barcode scanner to do asset tracking. It has...connections only, so I had to buy a Wasp USBi interface. When I attach to laptop...the cables, etc., with no luck. Wasp says there's not much they can do...
7/9/2006  |  (Forums)

Try installing the latest drivers for the Wasp.

Moved to more appropiate board

...good information, i'm now using the .net barcode reader It is a reliable barcode reading component, written in managed C...helps .NET developers to quickly and easily add barcode recognition functionality to .NET projects...

The barcode reader is something that the backup software typically...your backup software can already natively read the barcode and therefor you don't need any other software. The linked barcode reader is probably for reading a barcode that was...

I'm not so sure is a free barcode scanner you need or a free barcode generator instead. If you go to google and search you will get dozens of free barcode generators for Android, as for the functions, I think...

You could use some barcode reader tool, like moda barcode reader activex. This is the full tutorial: www.file-expert.com/how-to-use-moda-barcode-reader-activex-in-vb.htm

well, you talk about the hardware of barcode reader, how about the software of barcode reader? can not link the device to the computer and download barcode reader component ?

yep! this is a common question . you can search on google,which is always a good way to find an answer, here you may check this barcode label software printing app and more information about barcode you may refer to this site recommended by one friend

i ever used this barcode label to insert on the tape , i follow the guide for generating barcode label

You need to buy the harddisk in order for barcode printing. Barcode printing option is not yet available from DELL website,perhaps will be supported in a quarter time.

Can we use a third party barcode reader instead? I download a QR Code barcode reader from the Internet. I am not sure if it would work. I tried once, failed. Maybe it's because of my wrong operation. I will try again.

I have a good barcode reader to share with you: www.onbarcode.com/.../net_barcode_reader

yep! barcode scanner itself can't tell that a particular barcode number is product A or B. it has to be linked to a database containing the products and their barcodes. like when you scan a product in hypermarket, the POS machine itself contains...

there are many barcode printing resources, such as this java barcode guide

...purchased a Dell PowerVault TL 4000 Tape Library 6 months back.The Barcode stickers which was given along with the Tape library is now over. Can any one guide me were to get addtional Barcode stickers. Aroon.
8/12/2008  |  (Forums)

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Showing 1-20 of 434 Results
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