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bhas08, Â Yes you can but, you will lose software support from dell.You will have to contact microsoft for help should you need it.Dell driver and download page is where you will find the drivers.You will have to purchase a retail copy of ultimate to install.

Install the broadcom driver now as in the last post you did not say if you installed it or not.Then try running the broadband utility.

...away from the DOS method because I don't any DOS bootable CDs to use. Please help! You do have a bootable CD-Its the Drivers and Utilities CD which came with your system. There is an option to quit when you run it-this gives you a dos prompt. If...

If reinstalling the webcam driver doesnt work i would say OSRI

Thanks for your advice. Â I actually called Dell...once again. This time it worked. It turned out that the other reps were telling me to download the WRONG driver. Go figure. Â Now I have the new driver software installed and now it works.

I have this same problem in my Vostro 1400. After re-installation of driver, now it works only after shutting down from the real administrator account. If I shut down from another user account (even with...

...been detected and windows had been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." The message goes on to say that the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop. Technical information (codes) that popped up in the message: *** STOP 0x000000Ea (0x82cj9980...

I got the drivers from Creative and no sound.... I tried everything I could think of until I gave up and did a restore to before I installed those drivers and that fixed it.... But I still am waiting for Creative to fix this.....

Running Vista?, dont have those issues in XP. Maybe reinstalling the drivers my work. Good Luck

...case, the problem lies with the factory software installation? And the funny part is why did the BSOD error point to the USB driver? And it only seems to happen with the Aztech router. More info about this error: http://support.microsoft.com...

I got a score of 3.6 for "Graphics" and 3.4 for "Gaming".. I believe there should be room for a bit more there, as my scores improved all round just by installing a few different drivers. We just need some good drivers from NVidia.

Hello, The webcam works just fine under Vista. Just download the latest webcam software from Dell support site (same place where you got the drivers from) and install it. Hope that helps.

From reading other post I gathered that the Audigy option is all software emulation and has some driver problems or conflicts with some programs. You may want to look for newer ones or remove it. Or atleast look in that direction because I am no expert.  Â

Same problem. Mine says "not plugged in" and I also don't have any sound coming from the speakers. All I installed were the drivers for my Logitec cam, wireless mouse and keyboard. The rest is Office 2007 after a clean install. This is irritating.

Ok I installed the same version of the drivers and am still getting static. Is anyone else still having the same problems with updated vista drivers?

...way i have the same audio issues that you have. you just have to deal with it for now because vista has issues with sound drivers. heard vista will have a sp1 update late this year. So far that is the only problem that i have come accross with my laptop...

hi ! I've got XPS M1210 (2.33, 2 Gigs RAM, NVidia 7400) and I'm a professional photographer...photo editing, DO NOT USE for that matter. Hope it helped. NO proper drivers ViDEO + AUDIO ready for Vista yet ... too bad !

Here's the low down: My XPS M1210 got a virus so I sent it to my college laptop repair shop and...Logitech Quickcam Microphone (still skips in recording), updating drivers, disabling my wireless card (thought it might be a conflict...
10/8/2009  |  (Forums)

For some reason, my touchpad for my laptop (XPS M1210) goes haywire when left-click and hold while dragging...to Dell, but have not gotten a response. Is there some driver download I can download so that it doesn't do this? Also...
9/25/2007  |  (Forums)

My sig has links to the Dell WiFi card drivers or a link to the Intel WiFi card drivers.

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