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...from device manager) can't find the drivers to reinstall....? Â On the dell drivers page there are drivers for several different versions of bluetooth adapter for the XPS M1210 - how do I find out which I can use...

Hi ros.amir, Have you checked your software you intend to use on the laptop. The reason for this, not all 3rd party software is 64bit compatable. A lot of work need doing before you do an clean install of an 64bit operating system.

Hey nick, just give another day, if you dont mind. Let me just do some more checking...

Well, i will give you two links. Try these downloads. These are directly from our ftp website. So these are very system specific and advisable not to try on any other system.

Thank you for looking into this. DO you work for Dell, by the way? :)

...SD card that you are trying to use? The reason for that question is because, we do have a couple of issues with the native drivers. If u are using a 1GB card, then we do have a few patches that we can install to help resolve this issue. It would also...

...which I can't get to work on this monitor/video driver setup (on my Dell XPS M1210 with NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400). Intell Core2 CPU...relate" to the menu selections on the NVIDIA driver tool. Anyone done this? If this...

Great. But is it working.

...connect the VGA LCD screen that worked with driver version installed on 21...where I can download old versions of the drivers. If i roll the install back (using Acronis...install, monitor works. Only difference is driver version and the fact there is an Analog...

...reinstall XP on his ebay purchased XPS M1210 laptop. I notice that in the...SATA, but when looking at the driver download page, I see no SATA drivers listed. How are we to install XP without SATA drivers to slipstream or use the F6 disk...
9/12/2009  |  (Forums)

Dear Sir, Where did you find theese drivers for the Multi card reader?  Thanks in Advance! Nick  dreama@hrs.forthnet.gr

This worked for me also, even though I dont have and didnt get the card reader on the system. Also, the first 2 times I ran the Ricoh chipset it spun its wheel forever, and had to cancel it.

Thank you very much as the problem is now fixed!

Problem solved, thank you. I had always ignored the Ricoh entry under chipset on the drivers website until you listed the device names. Just went back and re-checked, saw that it was indeed for the card reader, installed it and now all is good, thank you.

...rather than the 270 of the Vista driver (which causes unacceptable...seconds). There is no new driver for the 1500 mini card yet...tried to get the "specialized XPS technical service" supervisor...card now shipping with the M1210, he was adamant that they...only answer is to run the XP driver in compatibility mode and lose...

...on the forum I tried installing several wireless drivers without installing the Dell Notebook System Software...I installed the Notebook software and tried few drivers again, nothing worked. Please guide me to the right driver.

...would help to see if they all have xp drivers. But I am 99% sure that they will have the xp drivers since the xps m1210 is older and most hardware installed on thus should have the xp drivers. So in my opinion back up all your...

You can get the install mode drivers from Intel, or simply change the drive to ATA compatible mode in BIOS setup.

this is Dell's official response to your questions.... Â http://www.dellcommunity.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=Tech_Talk_XPS&thread.id=18719

Well, I don't need house cleaning, I need the dang drivers. What's the deal DELL??

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Showing 121-140 of 932 Results
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