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Boomi AtomSphere
Sync data across applications with the top integration cloud
Connect any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software or appliances. Eliminate the costs associated with integrating and maintaining integrations using legacy middleware, appliances or custom code. Boomi delivers:
Rapid time-to-value
Easy access to cloud or on-premises data
Significant cost savings over traditional integration solutions
Boomi MDM
Affordable master data management that's configurable and cloud-based.
Simplify the management, cleansing, and integration of your data. Also synchronize the data in real time to a single accurate view of company data across multiple domains and data sources.
Save hours of trial-and-error modelling
Leverage a cloud approach to extend beyond organizational boundaries to include departments, domains and applications
Capture, aggregate and publish ongoing changes to the applications
Dell DL1000 Data Protection Appliance
Reliable efficient and affordable data protection appliance for small businesses.
Restore operations almost instantly with a recovery time objective (RTO) of minutes
Restore at any level, from a single file, message or data object, to a complete machine, even to dissimilar hardware
Archive your static data to Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Rackspace, or any cloud-based option on OpenStack
Cut storage requirements by up to 80 percent
Cloud Manager
Get unified management for private, public and hybrid clouds.
Deploy and manage enterprise-class applications with this versatile tool.
Enables self-service provisioning of your cloud resources through a single-user ID
Observes your cloud infrastructure, and monitors any combination of supported cloud services (public, private or hybrid)
Enforces consistent governance policies for actions taken against your applications in any combination of supported clouds
Simplify the process of ensuring application readiness.
Automate application compatibility testing, application remediation, application packaging and application virtualization to reduce the risk of migrating.
Automated bulk imports
Customized packaging checks
Application readiness dashboards
Windows OS patch impact assessment
Browser compatibility
Simplify email and unified communication reporting and analysis.
Reduce the complexity of email and unified reporting and analysis across legacy and newly implemented platforms, including on-premises Exchange, Office 365 and Lync Server.
Email data mining
Platform data and reporting
Message-mining intelligence
Faster migrations
Defend service level agreements (SLAs)
Simplify two-factor authentication.
Leverage the redundancy, security and scalability of Active Directory
Enable users to self-register any token, based on a pre-defined policy
Manage tokens and deployment - and view reports - via the web
Utilize the full lifespan of hardware and soft tokens that never expire
Troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve problems from any web browser
Simplify group policy management and administration.
Automate critical group policy management tasks, reduce your costs and eliminate time-consuming manual processes.
Version comparison
Approval-based workflow
Version history removal
Workflow commenting
Enhanced group policy comparison
Simple, affordable, impact-free Oracle replication
Experience near real-time data integration. This advanced tool uses change data capture functionality to deliver data to structured and unstructured databases. Plus, dell-software-shareplex:
Offers data accuracy and integrity
Offloads time-consuming reports beyond your main production database server
Supports Oracle Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
Foglight for Java
Get Java application performance that's production-ready.
Improve Java performance management by isolating application problems in the transaction path and identifying the causes.
Oversee Java performance and availability from end user to the database
Track individual user issues in production with pinpoint diagnostics
Experience a fully integrated architecture that provides comprehensive end-to-end monitoring
Foglight for .NET
Simplify Microsoft .NET monitoring.
Improve the performance and availability of Microsoft .NET applications. Monitor and diagnose problems in real time to help ensure the availability of Microsoft .NET applications.
Oversee .NET application performance and availability from end user to the database
Identify performance problems down to the offending code
Track individual user issues in production with pinpoint diagnostics
Knowledge Portal
Experience compliance reporting through a simple, unified portal.
Facilitate scheduled and ad hoc reporting (at once or granularly) for a complete business summary into IT.
Ensure your environment is secure and meets IT compliance protocols by comparing your current environment to a standard framework and determining a compliance status
Schedule reports and ensure they're distributed to stakeholders in order to baseline the environment, as well as track changes to security rights and groups
Automate the distribution of important directory and activity information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
NetVault SmartDisk
Accelerate backups and deduplication.
Leverage disk-to-disk backups and powerful data deduplication that save storage space and significantly reduce storage costs.
Easily deploy and manage this single solution that integrates seamlessly with NetVault Backup and vRanger
Distribute network, disk and deduplication resources, plus improve load balancing and performance
Simplify data storage by consolidating all of your physical and virtual backups
RemoteScan for LAN
Easily share a single document scanner with multiple users.
Experience a simple, secure desktop and network scanner connectivity for LAN
Supports all TWAIN- and WIA-compliant desktop scanners and imaging devices
Speeds network traffic using a highly efficient, lossless compression for transmitting data
Password Manager
Allow end users to reset forgotten passwords.
Adopt more secure data access policies beyond the control offered natively.
Streamline help desk duties
Serve users from multiple domains (with or without trust)
Empower users to handle basic password tasks, and reduce help desk costs
Extend to enterprise-wide password management
Make content collaboration simpler.
Easily connect to SharePoint and collaborate more efficiently with this Outlook add-in.
Upload email attachments automatically to SharePoint without leaving Outlook
Prevent out-of-space Outlook alerts
Minimize time spent searching for the correct email attachment
Experience better event log management for greater security and compliance.
Securely collect, store, report and alert on event log data from your Windows, Unix and Linux systems. Ensure compliance with external regulations, internal policies and security best practices.
Addresses regulatory compliance through real-time collection
Tracks user activity
Integrates with ChangeAuditor
Provides privileged account audits
NDS Migrator
Simply migrate Novell Directory Services to Active Directory.
Get a native view of both your NDS and AD tree for better planning.
Mapping of OUs and objects
Resolution of intra-NDS name conflicts
Pre-migration file scan
Options for keeping or changing your NDS structure
Automated migration of accounts and groups
Secure Copy
Migrate data with greater speed, ease and security.
Migrate data, shares, printers and more with your security intact - automatically.
Control how and when to migrate the data, along with which data
Automate complex, tedious and manual tasks
Report on job status, skipped files and more
SQL Navigator
Write code better and faster.
Deliver high-quality applications faster than ever with ability to write, edit and maintain database objects through automation and an intuitive graphical interface.
Determine software quality, abbreviate test cycles and reduce error rates
Alleviate maintenance efforts
Discover software changes and identify high-risk code
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