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SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) Series
Simplify and automate management, monitoring and reporting with powerful, intuitive tools.
Rapidly deploy and centrally manage SonicWALL firewall, anti-spam, backup and recovery and secure remote access solutions
Minimize administration overhead by streamlining security policy management and appliance deployment
SonicWALL Enforced Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
Innovative, multi-layered protection against spyware, viruses, malware and more -- inside and outside your network.
Easily deployed as well as automatically enforced and updated on Windows devices
Centrally managed end-point deployments for your entire organization
Protects every device against sophisticated virus threats, spyware and productivity-draining adware
SonicWALL WXA Series
SonicWALL WXA Series: 4000, 2000, 5000 Virtual Appliance, 500 Live CD
Avoid expenses for more bandwidth. Count on SonicWALL WXA Series, winner of Search Security's "2013 Readers' Choice" award, to optimize the bandwidth you already have by streamlining data flow. the SonicWALL WXA Series:
Conserves bandwidth and allows you to run WAN applications faster
Eliminates duplications in the bandwidth
Seamlessly integrates with SonicWALL next-generation firewalls to maximize security and performance
W-Series Instant Access Points (IAP)
W-IAP155, IAP155, AP134, AP135, IAP134, IAP135, IAP108, IAP109, IAP175AC, IAP75P
Dual- or single-radio models with data rates up to 450Mbps per radio
Options for internal or external antennas, indoor and outdoor models
Power-over-Ethernet or external AC adapter alternatives
SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service
Powerful protection against inbound and outbound email threats.
Consolidating security solutions with fast deployment eases administration and reduces overhead. Capabilities:
Advanced services to filters unwanted email and reduce network traffic
99-percent effectiveness against spam, with 80 percent dropped at the firewall before it enters in network
Tools that allow administrators to easily block or allow emails from specific people, companies and addresses on both a global and per-user basis
Immediately blocking of spam, phishing and virus-laden emails to prevent added strain on network traffic and save time
SonicWALL E-Class SRA Series
SonicWALL E-Class SRA Series: EX9000, EX7000, EX6000
Provide secure remote access to mission-critical resources for up to 20,000 mobile users.
Dell PowerConnect networking 8100 Series
8132, 8132F, 8164, 8164F
Layer 3 10GbE performance and high availability for campus networks
Accelerate productivity and take on changing business needs with the enhanced scalability, performance and energy efficiency of the PowerConnect 8100 switch family.
Total Switch Fabric Capacity up to 1.2Tbps
MAC Addresses Up to 128,000
(10Gb/1Gb/100Mb) with auto-sensing GbE switching ports; upgradeable to 32 ports with optional QSFP+/40GbE module
Easy expansion with up to 64 10GbE ports per switch, and up to 384 10GbE ports per stack
2GB of CPU DRAM, 256MB of Flash Memory, Standard 9 MB Packet Buffer Memory
Chassis Dimensions (Height) 1.71" x (Width) 17.08" x (depth) 18.11"
Dell Networking N2000 Series
Scalable GbE Layer 2 switch with energy-efficient design and PoE+
Modernize campus networks with PoE+ capable GbE Layer 2 switching that supports multi-chassis link aggregation (MLAG) and 12-unit stacking.
Loop-free redundancy (without spanning tree) using MLAG
Technology to interoperate with Cisco protocols RPVST+ and CDP
Common CLI and GUI management interface
Dell Networking Force10 Z Series Core and Fabric Switch
Dell Networking Z9000 core and Fabric Switch.
Highly available, high-performance distributed core switch.
Enable data center networks with Dell Force10 Z9000 switches designed to increase network availability, agility and efficiency while reducing power and cooling costs.
Designed to address data center 10/40 GbE aggregation requirements and positioned as a core, end- of-row or top-of-rack switch.
1/10/40GbE core switch with 132 40GbE ports
Expandable to 528 10GbE ports with breakout cables
Line-rate performance under full load, at 10.5Tbps
32 line-rate 40 Gigabit Ethernet QSFP+ ports
SonicWALL Clean Wireless
Winner of Search Security's '2013 Readers' Choice Award, SonicWALL Clean Wireless delivers unparalleled wireless security and performance as well as comprehensive network security with high-performance 802.11n technology.
SonicWALL Clean Wireless™ includes: SonicWALL SonicPoint-N Dual-Radio, SonicPoint-Ne Dual-Band, SonicPoint-Ni Dual-Band. Features and benefits:
Wireless that performs at the speed of business
Scalability to networks of any size
SonicPoint-N Series wireless that requires no pre-configuration
Wireless Guest Services (WGS) that protects wireless internet connections with a password for customers and visitors
SonicPoint-N Series wireless access that allows you to monitor and manage internet security in one place
SonicPoint-N Dual-Radio that lets you keep users connected while testing compliance on another wireless channel
Automatic notification that's provided for the latest updates to SonicWALL E-Class NSA, NSA and TZ Series appliances
Dell Networking Force10 E1200i Virtualized Routing Switch
The next step in Ethernet technology.
Enable data center networks with Dell Force10 E1200i virtualized chassis-based switches designed to increase network availability, agility and efficiency while reducing power and cooling costs.
Operate a high capacity virtualized network fabric at the lowest TCO.
Redundant switch fabric modules (SFM) with graceful and deterministic failure recovery
Patented passive copper backplane
100 Gbps/slot data capacity
Ensure the network is as agile and efficient as the virtualized server and storage components
Leverage Dell Force10's FTOS modular operating system software to deliver inherent stability, serviceability and manageability
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Showing 41-51 of 118 Results
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