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...article provides information on the Dimension™ 4700 system fan installed and orientation...Table of Contents: Dell™ Dimension™ 4700 Fan Orientation Additional Information About the Dell™ Dimension™ 4700 System Fan Issue 1. Dell...
10/19/2012  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

...Fax - Data/Fax/Voice Modem Driver for the Dell Dimension 4700 or 9100 To download the V.9x data/fax - data/fax/voice modem driver for the Dimension 4700 or 9100 system, perform the following steps: ...
7/31/2010  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

11/14/2010  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

You may experience audio stuttering, video stuttering/jittering or macro blocking effects on the screen when watching live TV in a system with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center, an ATI Radeon X300 video card, and an ATI (TVT1) eHome Wonder PCI TV Tuner card.
6/17/2009  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

... Dell Knowledge Document ID 57962: The monitor connected to an added PCI video card does not display video on a Dell Dimension™ 4700, 5100, 5100C or OptiPlex™ GX280 computer. Dell Knowledge Document ID 597196: DisplayPort to VGA Adapter does not Work...
2/23/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Dimension Systems Error Message Reports Exceeding Power Limits of USB Hub The Dimension 4700C and 3000 systems (that use the mainstream...hub port. Disconnect the USB device. The Dimension 4700 and 3000 computer has a depopulated USB port on...
10/19/2010  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

This is link to web download Wild Tangent Dell Gaming Console.
Driver Type:  Dell Support Software
Release Date:  9/8/2008 (Latest Version)

Intel 537EP WinXP PCI Modem Driver V2.15.57.4
Driver Type:  Dial-up Modems
Release Date:  9/5/2006 (Latest Version)

Conexant SmartHSFi Vista 32bit Modem Driver V.
Driver Type:  Dial-up Modems
Release Date:  1/24/2007 (Latest Version)

Conexant Modem Digital-Line-Detect application V1.21
Driver Type:  Dial-up Modems
Release Date:  1/25/2007 (Latest Version)

Conexant Modem Netwaiting (MoH) Application V2.5.41
Driver Type:  Dial-up Modems
Release Date:  1/25/2007 (Latest Version)

Dimension System BIOS.
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  7/20/2004 (Latest Version)

Software support for Intel Chipsets.
Driver Type:  Motherboard Drivers
Release Date:  7/13/2004 (Latest Version)

This is the patch for Sonic DATA Module - BASIC version. (SC_Data_20 200B97D DLB). Replaces version: SC_Data_20 200B94A DLB
Driver Type:  Dell Support Software
Release Date:  7/15/2005 (Latest Version)

This driver will update the Dell Angel Dual TV tuner driver to version for Dell Dimension Media Center 2005 systems.
Driver Type:  Video & Graphics Drivers
Release Date:  4/7/2005 (Latest Version)

This package provides the NEC ND-3530A HH 16X DVDRW Firmware Update and is supported on Dimension Desktop, Precision, Optiplex and XPS Desktop models that are running the following Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Enterprise Linux 3 and Enterprise Linux 4.
Driver Type:  CD, DVD, & USB
Release Date:  11/14/2005 (Latest Version)

User Documents
Driver Type:  CD, DVD, & USB
Release Date:  4/21/2005 (Latest Version)

Modem Helper V2.28 Diagnostic
Driver Type:  Dial-up Modems
Release Date:  7/14/2004 (Latest Version)

Dimension 4700 System BIOS
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  1/27/2006 (Latest Version)

This package provides the Windows based Firmware Update for Sony DDU1615 HH 16X DVD ROM and is supported on OptiPlex, Precision, Dimension and XPS Desktop models that are running the following Windows Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP and VISTA.
Driver Type:  CD, DVD, & USB
Release Date:  8/4/2006 (Latest Version)

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