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Precision M6600 System BIOS, A12
Precision M6600 BIOS
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  9/8/2012 (Latest Version)

Dell PERC 6/i Integrated Blade FW v.6.3.0-0001, A12, A12
This package provides the firmware for Dell PERC6/I (Blades) maintenance release version 6.3.0-0001
Driver Type:  SAS RAID devices
Release Date:  12/1/2010 (Latest Version)

XPS L511Z System BIOS, A12
XPS L511Z System BIOS
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  10/26/2012 (Latest Version)

OptiPlex 780 System BIOS
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  12/26/2011 (Latest Version)

Dell Inspiron 7420 System BIOS, A12
Dell Inspiron 7420 System BIOS
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  10/22/2012 (Latest Version)

Dell Inspiron N4110 System BIOS, A12
This package provides the Dell System BIOS Update and is supported on Dell Inspiron N4110 for Windows and DOS Operating Systems.
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  10/25/2012 (Latest Version)

Dell Optiplex FX160 System BIOS, A12, A12
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  5/4/2011 (Latest Version)

Dell Inspiron 1012 System BIOS, A12, A12
Rename X30 File Checksum : 0487 Rom Checksum : E271
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  4/13/2011 (Latest Version)

Dell Inspiron N5010 System BIOS, A12, A12
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  1/27/2011 (Latest Version)

PowerConnect,8024,8024F,V4.2.1.3,A12, A12
This firmware release is a maintenance release for the 8024 and 8024F version of PowerConnect switches and includes only bug fixes.
Driver Type:  Network Drivers
Release Date:  2/2/2012 (Latest Version)

DELL,SW,BIOS,LAT,E6320,A12,A12, A12
Latitude E6320 System BIOS A12
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  4/12/2012 (Latest Version)

Precision T5500 System BIOS
Driver Type:  BIOS Updates
Release Date:  5/31/2012 (Latest Version)

Dell PowerVault 110T LTO Firmware Package A12, A12
Release includes firmware previously released in the A10 revision. Added DUP support for SLES Linux **DFU is a tool included in the zip-pack and tar.gz format. This tool will allow users to manually update one drive at a time. **DUP utility (Dell Update Package) will allow users to automatically
Driver Type:  Tape Devices
Release Date:  8/15/2007 (Latest Version)

Dell Powervault 124T Autoloader, v.(V80), A12, A12
PV124T Autoloader and drive firmware package.
Driver Type:  Tape Devices
Release Date:  8/20/2010 (Latest Version)

Dell PowerVault ML6000, v.Library FW: 572G.GS002 LTO3 FW: 93G0 LT04 FW: 94D4, A12, A12
PowerVault ML6000 firmware release for library, LTO3 drive, and LTO4 drive. Includes ML6000 Library Service Utility.
Driver Type:  Tape Devices
Release Date:  2/1/2010 (Latest Version)

Dell PowerVault 132T Tape Library, v.All 132T updates, A12, A12
Firmware for the PowerVault 132T Library, LTO1, LTO2, and LTO3 Tape Drives, SDLT320 Tape Drive, Remote Management Unit, and SNC Module.
Driver Type:  Tape Devices
Release Date:  1/9/2009 (Latest Version)

Dell TL2000/4000, v.9t30, A12, A12
Firmware update for the TL2000/TL4000 Tape Library and drives that fix an issue where the RMU would become inaccessible. Dell PowerVault TL2000/TL4000 Library and Drive Firmware Release A12 (September '10)and ITDT-DCR1.2.0.006 FW Revisions: Library FW = 9T30 Drive FW: LT03 FH drives = 93G6 LT03 HH
Driver Type:  Tape Devices
Release Date:  9/17/2010 (Latest Version)

Dell PowerVault 110T DLT VS80, v.5538, A12, A12
This release contains same firmware as A10 release and adds DUP support for SLES10. This release includes firmware 5538 (v56) which was previously released. This release includes a new tool DFU which supports firmware upgrade on Windows, Linux, and Netware platforms.
Driver Type:  Tape Devices
Release Date:  8/15/2007 (Latest Version)

Dell Powervault 100T DAT72, v.A16E, A12, A12
Release includes FW fixes from the previous release as well as new support for firmware upgrade using DUP
Driver Type:  Tape Devices
Release Date:  11/4/2008 (Latest Version)

Intel Matrix Storage Manager (OS Pre-Install Driver Only), v., A12, A12
This package provides the driver for Intel Matrix Storage Manager and is supported on Dimension, Latitude, OptiPlex, Precision and XPS Desktop models that are running the following Windows Operating Systems: XP and VISTA.
Driver Type:  Serial ATA (SATA)
Release Date:  1/15/2008 (Latest Version)
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