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<< Back to Hard Drives and everything RAID Hard Drive Types Commonly used RAID levels RAID controllers Types OS Support: Installation and Configuration Troubleshooting: Controller and Hard Drive Failures Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact us on You might also be interested in
6/30/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Using block traces to troubleshoot disk performance issues in Linux. blktrace allows you to check performance of every block command. This is useful when determining if the performance issue is software or hardware related.
6/24/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Problem: The error "Login Failed ..." may occur when using the Managed Node login page from Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) 7.x connecting to a remote VMware ESXi 5.1 host also running OMSA 7.x.
6/23/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Problem: Customers may see an error attempting to create recovery media with DVDs using Dell Backup and Recovery. Description: When using a blank DVD to create recovery discs in Dell Backup and Recovery, an error sometimes occurs. Solution: This is not the result of a hardware failure.
6/16/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Hard Drives and everything RAID > Automated Maintenance: Controller operations Automated Monitoring: OpenManage Essentials suite Manual Maintenance: RAID / HDD operations Manual Maintenance: Updates and more Manual Monitoring: Information in OMSA and the iDRAC Didn't find what you were looking for?
6/30/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Here you will find information on how to resolve or improve your hard drive performance, whether it be through upgrades or replacement of hardware or software or configuration.
7/2/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Here you will find resources on how to meassure your HDD performance in different environments.
6/30/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

The link below will re-direct you to the Dell Laptops Enabled for Wireless Display web page (refer to the list of computers shown on the far left column).
6/26/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Why Can't I See the CD or DVD Drive after Reinstalling Windows? Microsoft CD/DVD Automated Troubleshooter CD/DVD/BD Optical Disc Drive Cannot Read or Write Media Due to Environmental Dust How do I resolve Audio Issues on my Dell Computer?
6/23/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Dell PowerEdge RAID Controllers (PERC) and other controllers can support several hard drive types from Dell 9th generation of servers and up: SATA, Near Line SAS, SAS and SSD.
6/30/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

The following issues are hot topics for the Dell Backup and Recovery software. These issues should be resolved in version 1.5 of the software.
6/18/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

The 2014 Commonwealth Games, or XX Games, will take place in Glasgow, Scotland from 23rd July – 3rd August.
7/3/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Alienware systems sold with overclocking on the processor are not reporting the correct speed when using CPU-Z or any other processor information tools.
6/23/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Article Summary: This article provides information on how to avoid conflicts or hang conditions on systems that have active antivirus scanners. The following Shield for Windows directories and files must be excluded from scanning within the antivirus product.
6/19/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

OpenManage Server Administrator - OMSA, which will show you all information about the hardware installed on your system. Now that we have identified the hardware which needs updating, we need to locate the DUP and download it.
6/25/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Article Summary: This article provides information on the policy and options when the LCD screen on a Dell Notebook, Venue phone or tablet is cracked or broken.
6/19/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

In this article we want to show you different ways, how to stat a diagnostic on a hard disk. The Drive Self Test (DST) is included in different programs. Here we show you how to use the Online Diagnostics, the 32 bit Diagnostics and the Hardware Diagnostics the Lifecycle Controller.
7/1/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

For more detailled information on the RAID controller in your Dell server, it is recommended to view the user manual available by entering the service tag of your server on www.dell.com/support.
6/30/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

If you have not created your restore media and are unable to access your operating system to create discs, customers in the United States or Canada may request a set of recovery media for their specific computer model.
6/27/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Learn cycle is a battery calibration operation performed by the controller periodically to determine the condition of the battery. This operation cannot be disabled. You can start battery learn cycles manually or automatically.
6/24/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

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