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My Harman/Kardon HK-595 subwoofer gets extremely hot and quit working recently. It started up again after cooling off, but is extremely...

Hello all, I just picked up a pair of Harman/Kardon soundsticks for a Dimension 4800C, and when they're connected they mute all the other sound outputs, like the front...

i doesn't find information on the web about the speakers harman / kardon 695 not on the official website what is the official site harman kardon?
8/2/2002  |  (Forums)

Are harman/kardon 695 speakers compatible with a XPS8700 . I plugged it into the light green adapter like on my old computer and no sound. The sound meters in the control panel shows sound movement but no sound?
12/23/2013  |  (Forums)

I am using a dell dimension 8100, harman/kardon low end speakers, windows xp, i don't actually know what sound card i have, do you know how i find that out? thankyou for replying!

Hello, I have a Dimension E521 and Harman/Kardon Soundticks speakers plugged in vie USB. I have an audio device connected through my line in, but I cannot hear it directly...
6/21/2008  |  (Forums)

In a 2.1 speaker system, such as yours, all the audio amplification and distribution is done inside the bass speaker. Since the two small speakers appear to be working OK, the problem is most likely in the bass speaker.

The first thing is to check the Volume Control panel to make sure nothing is muted or that the volume control sliders are NOT in the down (off) position.

It wasn't that easy , turns out it was loose connection between sub-woofer and the satellite speakers , Anyway these speakers are incredible , they sound better with the new computer , like Live music.

My thanks for the suggestions. The problem was in the transformer.

The humming usually means that either the power supply (transformer) is defective or that there is problem in the internal speaker power supply/filtering. But, there can also be hum problems if you also have some other external device, such as a stereo system plugged into the audio.

maybe you have not installed all drivers properly can i have your service tag? ТЇ

Great!! Glad to help!

laundog, Use the 1-800 number and when their answering system asks for it, enter your system express service code.

I have a dimension 2350 desktop and i need to play sound on it but the speakers i have won't work (Harman/Kardon) actually only speakers/headphones with a USB work. others with the normal connectors won't work. I have the sound...
6/9/2008  |  (Forums)

These are the speakers that came with my Dimension 4300 and currently the one with the controls cuts out regularly leaving me with monoraual sound whenever I play my tunes (merciful heavens!).

I have the Harman/kardon HK 695 speakers with subwoofer from Dimension 4550. Â I'm having odd problems with my audio. Sound works perfectly...
11/29/2011  |  (Forums)

OK - finally got things working :) I unplugged and replugged the speakers (which I'd tried before), but this time it actually worked. Â Thanks for the help :)Â

Well, I did that - uninstalled the driver, restarted, reinstalled, restarted - but now no sound at all works on my PC :(

Thanks, but I only tried the HDMI out after having the audio problems. That wasn't setup when I started having them. Â Under Speaker Settings->Advanced, Speaker setup is at "Desktop stereo speakers". Is that what it should be?

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Showing 1-20 of 1560 Results
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