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Platform restore -
Platform restore Lifecycle Controller allows you to create a copy (image file) of the server's profile on the vFlash SD card installed on the server. The server profile backed up on a vFlash SD card contains the server component configuration and firmware ins...

Exporting server profile to a USB drive or network share -
Exporting server profile to a USB drive or network share Before exporting the server profile, make sure that the following prerequisites are met: A software license for Dell PowerEdge servers is installed on the server. For more information about managing lic...

Accessing documents from Dell support site -
Accessing documents from Dell support site You can access the required documents in one of the following ways: Using the following links: For all Systems Management documents — dell.com/softwaresecuritymanuals For Remote Enterprise Systems Management document...

Configuring advance security using hash password -
Configuring advance security using hash password You can set user passwords and BIOS passwords using a one-way hash format in iDRAC available on the 13th generation Dell PowerEdge servers. The user authentication mechanism is not affected (except for SNMPv3 a...

Configuring USB management port -
Configuring USB management port On the 13th generation of PowerEdge servers monitored by iDRAC, you can perform the following functions on a USB port and USB drive: Manage the status of the server’s USB port. If the status is disabled, iDRAC does not process ...

Terms and definitions -
Terms and definitions The following table lists the terms used in this document and their definitions. Term Definition LC Lifecycle Controller Enumerate Refers to WS-MAN ENUMERATE operation as described in Section 8.2 of DSP0226_V1.1 and Section 9.1 of DSP022...

Contacting Dell -
Contacting Dell NOTE: If you do not have an active Internet connection, you can find contact information on your purchase invoice, packing slip, bill, or Dell product catalog. Dell provides several online and telephone-based support and service options. Avail...

Hardware inventory -
Hardware inventory The hardware inventory information is cached on the persistent storage of Lifecycle Controller and is available to iDRAC and UEFI applications. It is used to export the hardware inventory from Lifecycle Controller to a text file on a remote...

System event log -
System event log The Lifecycle Log contains events related to system, storage devices, network devices, firmware updates, configuration changes, license messages, and so on. However, the system events are also available as a separate log called the System Eve...

Embedded Tech Support Report -
Embedded Tech Support Report Embedded Tech Support Report is used to provide information about health report of Hardware, Operating System (OS), and software applications installed on a server. This feature includes application information collected by Dell S...

Monitoring the out-of-band performance -
Monitoring the out-of-band performance Using this feature, you can monitor the performance index of CPU, memory, and I/O. Intel ME supports Compute Usage Per Second (CUPS) functionality for monitoring the performance. The monitoring is independent of the OS a...

Server configuration profiles — export or import -
Server configuration profiles — export or import Lifecycle Controller-Remote Services can export or import a Server Configuration Profiles file. The export operation collects the configuration information for BIOS, iDRAC, RAID, NIC, FC-HBA, System, and Lifecy...

Firmware update -
Firmware update You can perform firmware updates from a network source to either update or rollback component firmware. A rollback operation is used to install the previous version of a component firmware. It also provides the ability to update using a reposi...

Web services interface guide -
Web services interface guide The web Services Interface Guide (WSIG) serves as a guideline for utilizing the functionality available from embedded Lifecycle Controller Remote Services web Services interfaces. It provides information and examples for utilizing...

Authorization and licensing requirements for API access -
Authorization and licensing requirements for API access There are four levels of iDRAC licensing: NOTE: Use the link en.community.dell.com/techcenter/extras/m/white_papers/20067632.aspx to download the WSMAN License and Privilege Specification white paper. Ba...

White papers -
White papers White papers help you to know in-depth information about a business-critical process that you can complete by using firmware products such as Lifecycle Controller, iDRAC and so on. You can perform these processes by using GUI features, RACADM com...

Applications using Lifecycle Controller-Remote Services -
Applications using Lifecycle Controller-Remote Services The following applications use Lifecycle Controller-Remote Services Dell Compellent | Fluid Data Network Storage Solution — compellent.com Dell Lifecycle Controller Integration v2.0 for System Center Con...

CMC Module -
CMC ModuleFigure 1. CMC Module Features1Ethernet connector Gb12Ethernet connector STK ("stack") - used for daisy-chaining CMCs in separate enclosures 3link indicator4activity indicator5DB-9 serial connector for local configuration6optional secondary CMC (CMC ...

CMC Module Features -
CMC Module Features The CMC provides the following multiple systems management functions for your modular server: Enclosure-level real-time automatic power and thermal management. Monitors system power requirements and supports the optional Dynamic Power Supp...

About your system -
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