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Problem: Some customers may discover that a previously created partition no longer appears in Windows Explorer after restoring to a factory image using Dell Backup and Recovery.
6/17/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Article Summary: Alienware M11x R2: Troubleshooting Articles Table of Contents: 1. 3rd Party Applications 2. AlienFX · Alien Command Center on the Alienware M11x 3. Audio 4. Fans 5. Hard Drives 6. Motherboard 7. Networking 8. No Boot 9. No Post / No Power · ALIENWARE M11X No Power · Alienware M11x,
6/23/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Note: Screen shots appear here in English. On your device, they will appear in the language you have chosen. There are a variety of features in the Android operating system on your tablet which can help you protect your information.
7/9/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

The error will advise the customer that an error occurred while selecting the recovery point to restore. The System Recovery will then fail. This issue only occurs if the customer attempts to restore the system within ten minutes after startup of the system.
6/17/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

The Product Support Page link will take you to the Dell Product Support Page to choose your product to view or download the manual for your product.
6/10/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

If you experience a situation in which the computer does not start at all or if it does turn on (lights turn on and fans are spinning), but the computer does not show any image, listen for a series of beeps during start-up.
6/26/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Problem: Customers may see an error during the recovery process using USB recovery media in Dell Backup and Recovery. Description: An error can occur when using previously created USB recovery media to restore a system using Dell Backup and Recovery.
6/17/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Defragment Your Hard Drive. Files on your hard drive can sometimes become spread out, or fragmented, across different sectors of the drive. Defragmenting the hard drive aligns the pieces of those files in one sector, which increases the efficiency of the operating system to open the files.
7/8/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

The Microsoft Account M4 update improves the Close Account experience for Microsoft Accounts. § Today, many customers who want to close their accounts cannot do so due to technical blocks that should not be there. Customers have a right to be able to close their account on demand.
7/9/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Using the Power Control Widget, you can set the brightness using the pre-programmed brightness settings. Touching the brightness icon on the far right toggles through the options (Figure 1-4).
7/9/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Disconnect all external peripherals including the keyboard, mouse, and external monitor. Peripherals also include external storage devices such as flash drives, USB devices, printers, cards etc.
7/1/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

In this article we want to show you different ways, how to stat a diagnostic on a hard disk. The Drive Self Test (DST) is included in different programs. Here we show you how to use the Online Diagnostics, the 32 bit Diagnostics and the Hardware Diagnostics the Lifecycle Controller.
7/1/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

This information applies to the following products: D00D, D10D, D10DP, D50D, D90D7, D90D7B, D90D7p, D90D8, D90D8B, D90DW Click here to download.
7/11/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Article Summary: This article provides information on the policy and options when the LCD screen on a Dell Notebook, Venue phone or tablet is cracked or broken.
6/19/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

What are ePSA diagnostics? Dell Enhanced Pre-Boot System Diagnostics (ePSA) are diagnostics that are built into the hardware of your system. These tests allow you to check the hardware of you system from outside the Windows® operating system removing software from the diagnostic process.
6/5/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Note: If the tablet is already at BIOS version A10 you will be notified or if you know the BIOS is version 10, you can skip this step.
6/2/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

OpenManage Server Administrator - OMSA, which will show you all information about the hardware installed on your system. Now that we have identified the hardware which needs updating, we need to locate the DUP and download it.
6/25/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Make sure the Silent mode reads as Sound is ON, if not tap the Silent mode menu to turn the sound on.
7/9/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

If you update the touch firmware and do not do power off and then back on the tablet, or install the Firmware, BIOS and Graphics driver in the wrong order, you may notice a yellow exclamation mark in device manager under Human interface devices.
6/2/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

Locate the AC adapter and the USB-to-micro-USB cable that goes with it. Plug the AC adapter into a power outlet and plug the micro-USB connector into the port on the left edge of the Venue 11 Pro tablet.
6/13/2014  |  (Knowledge Base Articles)

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