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Hi, I have just purchased an Unlocked 16GB Dell Streak to be gifted to my friend...read on some forums that even if you buy Unlocked version from Dell...you have to call...I want to be sure that it is fully unlocked and will work on indian carriers...

I want to order a Dell Streak (New Cherry Red 16GB Unlocked with Android 2.2 for $399 from http://www.dell.com/us...is possible to buy Dell Streak in the US that is completely sim-unlocked and can be used in India.
7/10/2013  |  (Forums)

Hi Everybody!. I bought an unlocked Dell venue pro device from ebay, so far it has been a great phone...so, here is my question: If I perform a hard reset in my unlocked dell venue pro, will it lock again? and I will become unable...
7/1/2011  |  (Forums)

...there is nothing else that would prevent it from working on foreign carriers? I am just wondering if there would be any locking based on network identification. (I am referring to the UNLOCKED streak here, that retails for $399).

After the update to Android 2.2 was applied lately, I have asked Rogers to unlock my phone (which they did, for a fee). Now I'm interested in viewing Bell's Mobile TV on the big 5 inch screen on the Streak, so I'm trying to make it work.

ok.. so what are the bands that T-mobile and AT&T use? Also, why not 3G? For 3G again, it would be a question of the bands rite?

Just read an article saying that retail Core i7 CPU's are unlocked at the memory multiplier and QPI settings (see link below). What about OEM cpu's? Can someone check if you can do this on...
9/26/2010  |  (Forums)

Hi Amy, My OEM Version: GAUSB1A111231 and Build Number 6601 and unlocked by AT&T unlocked code. Can I update to 2.2 now and how can I do it? Thanks in advance for your kind.

Hi Amy! My younger brother bough the streak from US since August and already unlocked by AT&T code for me since he know I love Dell Streak. Actually I live in Thailand and can use the streak by my local network...

...efforts. I live in Italy and, through my brother who lives in London, I bought my Dell Streak from Dell UK website, unlocked, and now I'm using it here in Italy where I live. My Streak: GAUSB1A110700, build 4399. When do you think I will...

...features. I am sorry: I can't find that url now. But does the ad have any reality to it? In short, can the Venue Pro unlocked 16 GB (from Dell direct) support tethering? if not can it support USB mode...which I assume allows a Pro to be used...

I just received my new Dell notebook yesterday but the window been lock by password , I try anyway but still locked. It;s Ispiron1545 Notebook with Widow 7 professional How can I unlocked the note book, please help,thanks! l
1/12/2010  |  (Forums)

Hi, Is the NOKIA 5800 Xpressmusic Made in China? Is the same model manufactured in other countries like Hungery, Finland, etc?
11/22/2009  |  (Forums)

...know you indicated that you purchased an Unlocked version. I would make 100% sure you...your invoice and making sure you see "Unlocked". I just checked the website and was...not see the option for the good 'ol "Unlocked Dell Streak". I wonder if they don't...

...StreakSmart.com, we're now selling an unlocked version of the Dell Streak with Froyo...applies to customers who want to buy an unlocked version of a new Streak in the United...I, which are customers who purchased unlocked Streaks outside the United States. ...

...The Nexus one may be worth the $550 unlocked, but that is only because it receives...earlier. The Galaxy S sells for $500 unlocked from ATT and Tmobile which has superior...like Costco selling the Vibrant at $250 unlocked without contract with Tmobile. A special...

I purchased my unlocked Streak in August with an outdated Android...that I forked over the extra cash for an unlocked Streak. It's now December 9th and...outdated Android OS upgrade on my expensive unlocked Streak?

I'm not sure what's meant by an "unlocked unit". Dell say: "Unlocked units are generally popular outside the United...the UK, free with an O2 contract. Is my Streak "unlocked" or not? I think I could put a different SIM...

...about all this is that buying this thing "unlocked" on AT&T theoretically saves you no money...to the reasoning of why people buy phones unlocked. I myself bought a Nexus One unlocked and run it on Tmobile. By doing that I can...

I saw some discussion about this on the Roam4free blog on a post by Pat Phelan. I don't have a lot of details but, it's true—we are offering unlocked phones by Nokia on Dell.com. We also offer the Pharos GPS unlocked phone as well. Check out this link.

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Showing 1-20 of 1999 Results
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