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...this to get it to stay..AFTER u select the check box under control panel, Sounds/Devices or whatever the menu topic was, then...Customize...Under that menu scroll down until you find Volume Button and select the command Always Show to the right out...

I've the same problem. The Technical Service told me to reinstall the drivers from the site, but nothing. I try, but nothing happen. Then I call again and with remote desktop they try to change the situation. But nothing happen... I don't understand.

I think I've replaced this video card three times. I replaced them using the Dell warranty. But now that I’m out of warranty, I've found other ways to fix the video card myself.

I been having issues with dell for 3 months and its a poor design and with the sound card there is a hum that comes thru my speakers and acutally will be heard thru my phone with a loud hum just turning on speakers with it totally turned down. kelly

...control the box's channels; the volume functions on the RC are meant...use the RC for controlling the volume on the monitor ... As for...of attempting to provide a software solution to the volume control issue; even if a firmware...

...although the whole of Dell's software update system relies on that...but ...) As for the Volume Control, the Audio Settings is great... Is there no way to control those loudspeakers via software (from the keyboard) or with...

...Soundmax 5.12.01 4060 software and ADI 198x Rev. A17 driver...Framework. I don't know if my volume control problem started at that...Windows cannot display Volume Control on the taskbar because Volume Control program has not been installed...
10/22/2009  |  (Forums)

...scale on the screen when you adjust your volume or screen brightness. It's REALLY annoying because it means the volume tends to just shoot up and down because...of where I could download this bit of software I'd appreciate it. :)
8/5/2009  |  (Forums)

I have found the solution to this problem; on a toshiba forum actually. Run MSConfig and go under the Startup you will see Alienware On-Screen Display, uncheck that box and restart This will disable all overlay from all the fn buttons

...eventually resolved the problem by going into Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Manage Audio...Devices - Level tab and adjusting PC speaker volume to 100%. Now I have loud sound. My...looks like by default that the PC master volume is set to low. Hope this helps other...

...com/support-forums/software-os/f/4677/p/19528889...Customer Service Advisers took control of my machine and worked on...not with the full range of software I use: The amount of software is why I keep struggling with...

...plugged in in the sound section of the control panel. I can unplug HDMI and sound...Uninstall using add remove programs in control panel the Intel Chip Set ( your display...My gues would be that the Intel chipset software resolved the problem. It looks like...

...machine isn't designed for XP but it seems quite strange Dell would provide drivers for XP if that were the case. On the Control Panel/Sounds/Voice tab the only option on the drop-down is "IDT Audio". Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

...necessary for me. I noticed that in control pannel, in audio settings of my microphone...things was marked "Let applications take control over this device" and "Let applications take control over this device". Now when I mark them...
8/13/2012  |  (Forums)

...and I just suddenly lost my Audio Device. I do not know how. When I try to go into the Control Panel and select sounds it will not let me adjust volume or re-select a default device. It just states that the Audio Device is missing and will...
1/29/2011  |  (Forums)

...restore. I have tried all of those I have from from the internet but nothing worked. I always try to work on device manager control panel.I have tried most of JIM's solutions. I did changing from SigmaTel-IDT-SigmaTel. I also installed Realtek...
12/18/2012  |  (Forums)

...Device is working properly. I have also checked the IDT Audio control panel and have checked that the Microphone Array is set as...playback device. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the webcam software from the CD I was given upon purchase. I don't know what...
7/31/2010  |  (Forums)

...that happens, I can't control the sound. After a few minutes, the volume will go down again by itself. After that, I can then control the volume. Again this has been...luck. I'm told it's a software issue and get transferred...

...backlit keyboard. The dedicated volume control buttons are touch sensitive instead...problem is that I can't see the volume keys at night. They are not...Can Dell please modify the software so the volume keys get illuminated when the...

...amount of hassle. VOLUME Volume is shocking low. Can...Streak. The pitiful volume lowers even more after...battery pull. Radio Control I may be missing...streak. They are all software fixes. Hoping that Dell...
1/30/2011  |  (Forums)

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Showing 1-20 of 1201 Results
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